Curatorial Projects


Personal and Confidential, Galerie d'art - Musee* Acadien Centre Universitaire* de Moncton, Moncton, NB beeswax, Damar vamish on paper envelopes, Velcro / Adjustable to space / Moncton / 1999 The walls in this gallery space are layered with waxed brown envelopes of various sizes. These envelopes represent the bureaucratic shuffling of responsibility. Each envelope has a specific history, their waxy texture connoting skin.

Sifting Through Memory / 1996 / sand, found objects, paper, wood and cotton / 457 x 731.5 cm Sand slowly trickles from a hole in the ceiling onto the floor, producing a large mound over time. This site-specific work reference memories of former bakeries, including the Standard Bread Company that the Enriched Bread Artist studios are located.

Restructure / 1995 / wool, polyester, silk, cotton, plastic and wood / 243.8 x 274.3 cm This three part installation utilizes terminology that is part of the process of organizational downsizing representing the strategy that management utilizes to demoralize employees. The personal objects emphasizes the feelings of vulenerability and helplessness. A national call was made for individuals to send single socks to add to the installation.

Order / 1993 / self-made paper, graphite, gesso, chalk pastel, beeswax, plaster, ink on self-made paper / 234.8 x 234.8 cm This process based installation continues to evolve while on display, pages are added to the various stacks, the piles of graphite covered paper increase in height.

Eastern European Diary 1 & 2 / 1992 / graphite, gesso, chalk pastel, beeswax, plaster, ink on self-made paper / 46 x 71 cm / collection of the City of Ottawa This diary series was inspired after visit to a Berlin museum. The displays outlined individual 'crimes' or ethnicities the Nazi regime identified individuals by. For example, a purple triangle stated you were a Jehovah's Witness, a pink triangle a homosexual, a yellow triangle a Jew. Numerous sub-sections identified what country you were from or whether your crime included theft or sleeping with an Aryan.

Three Easy Steps ... Work Makes Freedom / 1989 / self-made paper, pigment, cotton, watercolour wood and metal / 218.5 x 284.5 cm This work related to the transformation of a human being into an object. Over the entrance gate at the Auschwitz concentration camp hung the words 'Arbeit Macht Frei' translating to 'Work Makes Free'. The strategic process of the Nazi propaganda included representing a segment of society like they were no more important than unwanted objects.

Hot like an oven in here / 1994 / cotton, slide projection, metal heater and coloured gels / 457 x 304.8 cm An image of an electrified fence photographed at the Auschwitz concentration camp and red lighting gels are projected onto an army tent, giving the illusion that the tent itself was projecting the image. Inside the tent is a heater that raises the temperature of the confined space.

Archivist, Enriched Bread Artists Studio / telephone books, ink, suitcases, paint by numbers / Ottawa / 1994 Archivist combines installation and performance. Seated on an industrial tile floor, the names in telephone books are methodically crossed out, obliterated until all that remains are numbers. The inclusion of paint-by-number paintings of European cities and fantasy scenes, contrast the harsh realities many concentration camp prisoners were forced into.